Untie the knots in the heart-mind, on behalf of yourself and all beings.



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Portals to Awakening


Kelly invites therapy clients to change through a process of self-discovery, integration, and expansion into freedom, with skill-building in meditative and somatic practices rooted in the dharma.

DharmaBridge & More

Kelly offers DharmaBridge & other online programs each year. Come experience profound shifts in awareness through innovative group processes & coaching. Become part of a community that supports each other in nourishing and sustaining an ever-evolving awakening.

The Power of Meditation

In this free, annual event, Kelly hosts an esteemed group of dharma teachers, meditators, healers, and mystics who offer deep reflections on becoming more resourced in transformative spiritual practice.

Stretch, Sit, Write, and Spark Change

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Kelly Blaser

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is dedicated to the power of metta (loving-kindness), meditation, and creative practice as avenues for accessing reality, and thus, true transformation at the personal and collective level.

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