Kelly has taught yoga and meditation since 1997 and has led online programs in compassionate self-inquiry since 2013, generating a devoted, worldwide sangha of practitioners. This community works together to free themselves and one another from the suffering of conditioned mind by training in loving kindness, antenna listening™, and non-dual approaches to healing.

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Join Kelly’s flagship program, DharmaBridge, and set yourself up with the support necessary to conduct a life of deep inquiry & committed spiritual practice. Offered once a year, you will experience nine, life-changing months in the ongoing support of a spiritual community, receiving the wisdom of priceless dharma teachings, and evolving yourself with transformative coaching from Kelly. Many have called DharmaBridge the “most powerful work” they have ever done.

DharmaBridge CCLI Certification

Are you a coach, counselor, therapist, leader, or innovator in your field? Expand and revolutionize your work with clients and teams by integrating the dharma into your creative, leadership, or service work. The DharmaBridge CCLI Certification runs in parallel to Kelly’s traditional DharmaBridge program, but also certifies you in Kelly’s signature DharmaBridge methods, so you can bring these tools to your own work environment.

Writing Across the DharmaBridge

During this annual, four-month program, you’ll take up your pen, and use the play of words and non-linear leaps to sharpen insight, coax out buried truths, and care for places inside of yourself that long to emerge. This journey allows us to blend our creativity with contemplation. We follow a unique arc of dharma teachings, gaining access to how the dharma appears in our own lives and leading to greater boldness and authenticity.

Sunday Sessions

Join together with the international sangha for Kelly’s monthly offering combining somatic movement, meditation, and creative writing practice. Donations are accepted, but you can sign up to attend for FREE. Come Sit, Write, Stretch, and Spark Change!

The Power of Meditation

During this annual FREE summit, Kelly hosts an esteemed group of dharma teachers, meditators, therapists, and mystics who share the wisdom of their traditions with a wide audience. This event will support you to become more deeply resourced in your practices.

Immersive Retreats

Join Kelly at various points throughout the year for the deeper work of going on retreat. Practicing together with others for an extended period – especially live, in a tranquil setting – we enter into deep meditative inquiry and inner growth. Each retreat distills  teachings from Kelly’s work into profound experiences of awakening. Come on retreat to invoke pathways into freedom. Check what’s Upcoming for scheduled retreats.

Sit. Write. Repattern.

Spend five days in a committed sitting and writing practice, nurturing yourself within an online community of support. During this 5-day challenge, you will listen inwardly and write your way into insight, uncovering unconscious patterns, connecting with deeper Truths, and helping yourself move forward with clarity and wisdom. Check what’s Upcoming to see if the next Sit. Write. Repattern. 5-Day Challenge has been scheduled.

Lucid Visioning

At the New Year, Kelly often holds a session, immersion, or virtual retreat in taking a spiritual approach to goal-setting. Sitting together at the cusp of the year provides an opportunity to open up to our most sincere vision and renew our commitment to live from the deeper knowing within the pure intention of our hearts. Check what’s Upcoming as the New Year grows near to learn about and join this year’s offering.

Stretch, Sit, Write, and Spark Change

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